We kindly encourage you to study our offer consisting of the most advanced and best performing military-grade products and solutions based on biometrics, and allow us to show you how they will help your forces to achieve the Identification Superiority against enemy combatants, terrorists and other wanted individuals in any mission-critical and/or security-essential application, regardless of deployment location.


Our company - Makronet Biometrics – is a Reseller of 3M Cogent, a global biometrics identification solutions provider to armed forces and intelligence, but also serving governments, law enforcement agencies and commercial enterprises. 3M Cogent’s FUSION wireless front-end devices and CAPFIS Prime based mobile back-end solutions come with unparalleled innovation, accuracy and speed. They fully support such modalities as fingerprints, palmprints, iris images, face and silhouette photos and, unlike some of our competitors, also high-resolution finger and palm latents.


The core of our offer includes:

- FUSION device,

- CAPFIS Prime Portable/Standalone system,

- CAPFIS Prime Deployable system.


The above mentioned systems are often referred to as 'mini-ABIS' solutions, as they are tightly packaged ABIS configurations that can be rapidly deployed into any theater on tactical or operational level towards increased interoperability with the allied forces. ABIS stands for Automated Biometrics Identification System and is more advanced military counterpart of criminal AFIS (Automated Fingerprint Identification System). FUSION and mini-ABIS can be easily scaled up into a full-capacity National or Regional Next Generation ABIS with integrated Authoritative Biometrics Repository and disaster recovery facilities.